Work experience

  • October 2017 - present: Research Associate @ The University of Manchester, UK
    • Software engineer, research associate working on dynamic compilation for Heterogeneous Systems (GPUs, FPGAs and multi-cores).
    • Working on the E2Data European Project
    • Software Outcome: TornadoVM, KFusion-Tornado, Docker-Tornado
  • June-November 2015: Intern at Oracle Labs, Linz
    • R compiler for automatic distributed computing (FatR-Flink)
  • June-August 2013: Internship at CERN Openlab
    • Vectorization with AVX and AVX2 using the Intel Cilk+ compiler for the ROOT framework
  • June 2012-May 2013: Intern at ITER (Instituto Tecnologico de Energias Renovables, Spain)
    • System administration of an HPC data center
    • Infiniband and parallel file systems
    • Cobler
  • Setember 2010-June 2012: Intern at SAII (Universidad de La Laguna, Spain)
    • System administration of an HPC data center
    • Dev-ops
    • Ruby-on-Rails and Django web developer


  • Ph.D in Dynamic Compilation for GPUs, The University of Edinburgh (UK), 2017
  • MSc in Computer Science, University de La Laguna (Spain), 2013
  • BSc in Computer Science, Universidad de La Laguna (Spain), 2010


Here some of the latests publications. Please visit ACM-DL or Google Scholar for a full list.



I am currently member of:

  • HiPEAC Network link
  • Heterogeneity Alliance, I am coordinating the working group of Heterogeneous Hardware, link



  • Technical lead developer of TornadoVM
  • Scrum master of a group of 5 software engineers at SAII (The University of La Laguna, Spain).

Academic Service