About me

I am a research associate working as part of the Advanced Processor Technologies (APT) Research Group at The University of Manchester on Heterogeneous High-Level Languages Virtual Machines using GPUs and FPGAs. Currently, I am working as part of the E2Data European project for bringing automatic GPU and FPGA JIT compilation and execution for Java programs. I am interested in combining GPGPU computing and FPGA acceleration with interpreted programming languages such as R, Ruby and Java through automatic parallelisation, compilation and transparent execution.

I did my PhD at The University of Edinburgh on Accelerating Interpreted Programming Languages on GPUs with Just-In-Time and Runtime Optimisations. I extended the Graal JIT compiler and the Partial Evaluator to allow programmers to automatically execute Java, R and Ruby programs on GPUs via OpenCL. My PhD was fully funded by Oracle Labs. You can see more details in my PhD Thesis.

Before doing the PhD, I did my degree at The University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain) and I developed my final project on the accULL compiler, the first open-source OpenACC compiler under the supervision of Dr. Ruyman Reyes and Dr. Francisco de Sande.